The Late, Great “Serial” Artist Ed Leeper – by Nic Coury

Ed Leeper

Ed Leeper at his home in Pacific Grove, Calif.

Monterey, California-based photographer Nic Coury wrote a post honoring a longtime artist friend who passed away over the weekend.

I got news over the weekend that a longtime, close friend of mine passed away.

Ed Leeper was a self-proclaimed “serial” artist and peace activist. On Tuesdays, he could be seen on the corner of Franklin and Alvarado streets during the Oldtown Monterey Marketplace giving away tons of free books for the pure reason of getting more people to read.

I never really knew either of my grandfathers and Ed sort of filled that role for me. I spent a lot of time photographing him and he was always up to work with me in the pursuit of art and making art. I knew I could always call him up on a whim and he would be game to make and talk art.

Continue reading and see more photos on Nic’s blog.

Ed Leeper

Ed Leeper at his home in Pacific Grove, Calif.

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