Shamli Relief Camps – by Allison Joyce

Shamli Relief Camps

40 year old Ruksana looks out of the tent that she shares with her husband and three children in the Malakpur relief camp.

Photographer Allison Joyce shares photos of a few relief camps in Shamli, a district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

Riots between Muslims and Jat Hindus broke out at the end of August and lasted until the beginning of September, 2013. More than 55 people were killed, hundreds were injured, at least 6 women were gang raped, and almost 50,000 people fled to relief camps in the immediate aftermath. The cold winter has led to the death of over 34 children in the relief camps.

See more photos on Allison’s blog.

Shamli Relief Camps

Goulista, who says she is 18 years old, holds her daughter Raymon, who is 3 days old in the Jhola relief camp.

Shamli Relief Camps

Children attend a makeshift Islamic school in the Barnavi relief camp.

Shamli Relief Camps

A boy holds an umbrella over his mother while she cooks during a rainstorm in the Jhola relief camp.

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