Like it….or Not – by Jamey Price

Formula 1 Jerez Charlotte, NC-based photographer Jamey Price shares photos from the Formula One testing in Jerez, Spain.

The car comes to life in the garage in front of me. You can’t see it. But you hear it. It’s 8:58am on Tuesday January 28, 2014 in Jerez, Spain. A new world of Formula 1 is about to begin. A little past 9am, the grey rolling curtains swing open at Mercedes AMG Petronas and a man dressed in silver back pedals out of the garage waving his hands as 2008 world champion Lewis Hamilton plants his foot and rumbles out of the garage. With a couple gruff sounds and a loud whistle, the car trundles off down the pitlane. And there it is. No ear plugs needed. I think those in attendance at Jerez were torn into two camps. There is the camp, which I am not hesitant or embarrassed to include myself in, that are disappointed with the new “power units” and the volume they produce. The sound is great. The volume is not. It is fascinating to hear each car come toward you, and before you can even see it, you can tell which is a Ferrari, which is a Renault, and which is a Mercedes powered car. But the guessing game gets old. And quickly, I found myself unimpressed with the speed and sound of the new power units.

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