Seattle Elvis Invitational 2014 Photos – by Daniel Berman

Seattle Elvis Invitational 2014

Seattle-based photographer Daniel Berman took portraits of participants and attendees at the 17th annual Seattle Elvis Invitationals.

Ever since I first covered the Seattle Elvis Invitational back in 2009 when it was smaller and staged at the (sadly defunct) Club Motor, I have wanted to make portraits of these amateur Elvises — Elvii, if you prefer. The tribute artists come from around the state to perform their best interpretations of Elvis’ greatest hits, from his punky start in the 50s to the slinkier numbers in the 60s, and they look and sound absolutely incredible doing it. They were natural subjects for portraits, and I strived to create pictures that spoke to their personality as much as their performances. I was given approval from the organizers to set up a small photo booth area in between the dressing rooms and the stage, so most of the participants would have to pass by me. I also made some fun shots of the dapper attendees who came dressed in their sweet rockabilly duds. The event takes place at the Experience Music Project in downtown Seattle, the Frank Gehry-designed musical history museum that is well worth a visit. This personal assignment was a great start to 2014 and I cannot wait to unveil some very cool projects lined up for this year!

See more photos on Daniel’s blog.

Seattle Elvis Invitational 2014

Seattle Elvis Invitational 2014

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