Lucky ’13 – by Sol Neelman

Kaiju: Live Monster Wrestling

Kaiju: Live Monster Wrestling.

Portland, OR-based photographer Sol Neelman, who specializes in weird sports, shares some of his favorite photos of 2013.

When you’re born on a Friday the 13th (like I was back in the 19th century), choosing a lucky number was done for me.

And looking back at the weirdness I’ve shot this year for my second book, I do feel pretty, pretty, pretty fortunate to have shared some epic photo adventures with badass friends.

Are these my best images from 2013? Perhaps. Or not. You tell me. Are these some of my favorite images from the year? Yes, yes they are.

More importantly, did I have fun making these photos? Hells to the yeah I did!

Yo, 2014. You’re on the clock. What do ya got to show me?

See more photos on Sol’s blog.

Cowboy Downhill

Cowboy Downhill.

Bike Tossing

Bike Tossing.

Chuckwagon Races

Chuckwagon Races.

Pumpkin Races

Pumpkin Races.

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