In My Bag: Basketball Edition – by Andrew Hancock

Andrew HancockAndrew Hancock is an award-winning advertising and editorial photographer based out of Indianapolis. He is a Nikon Ambassador (US) with a passion for creating dynamic story-telling visuals for a broad range of clients. His work has graced the cover of Sports Illustrated on multiple occasions as well as the cover of TIME magazine and the front page of the New York Times. Beyond editorial work, he also works on national and international ad campaigns for various clients in the United States and abroad. He holds a journalism degree from Texas A&M University and is also an alum of the Eddie Adams Workshop.
In My Bag

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I love remotes…like in an obsessive type of way. But don’t get me wrong, I never lose sight of the fact that the most important camera is always the one in my hands. But I really love remotes. The lead picture (doubletruck) from my first Sports Illustrated assignment almost seven years ago was taken with a remote…at a press conference. Remotes mean more work and more planning but for me it means more creative freedom and possibilities and that outweighs the exhaustion (and airline baggage fees) that often accompany always doing large remote camera setups. The reason? I can only be on one place at any given time and that frustrates me because I can see many different angles in my mind. The only thing that limits me in achieving those pictures is what a particular arena provides in terms of railings, posts, catwalks (and arena/team staff and officials allow) and most of all – safety. The days are longer and the strain on the back is greater but for me, it energizes me to push my creativity and try to show an angle or perspective that I haven’t done before. Remotes are also about increasing your chances at making a picture for your editors and going the extra mile to give them what they expect and something above what they expect. Doing that is good for business. There are times when you can easily be blocked by a referee or a player and may not have a shot at a key play. When I set up remotes, I tend to do so in anywhere from 1 to 3 clusters of lagged/synced remotes so I always have a chance at the play on both ends of the court. I tend to cover each basket with a cluster from various angles and then also set up a cluster of wild card angles for something different and more creative. The gear in the photo was for a 10 remote, 3 handheld setup complete with a live edit system (hence all the computers and drives) for a project I recently did for Purdue University athletics.

In My Bag

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Here is my gear list for hoops:

– 3 Nikon D4
– 2 Nikon D800
– 3 Nikon D3s
– 3 Nikon D3
– 1 Nikon D300s Infrared
– 1 Nikon Df

400mm f/2.8
70-200mm f/2.8 (Not Pictured – it was in my bag)
80-200mm f/2.8
28-300mm f/3.5-5.6
24-120mm f/4
24-70mm f/2.8
17-35mm f/2.8
14-24mm f/2.8
24mm f/2.8
24mm f/1.4
35mm f/1.4
35mm f/2
50mm f/1.4
58mm f/1.4
45mm PC
16mm f/2.8 fisheye

– 12 Pocketwizard Multimax units
– 2 Pocketwizard Plus III
– 8 Pocketwizard/Nikon trigger cables with prerelease
– 2 Pocketwizard/Nikon trigger cables without prerelease
– 2 custom hand trigger releases
– 6 Manfrotto variable friction magic arms (4 more not pictured for a total of 10)
– 2 Manfrotto C clamps
– 3 Manfrotto ball heads
– 2 Manfrotto extension bar
– 1 Overxposed floor plate with ball head
– 3 Think Tank card wallets with all Sandisk and Lexar media
– 10 custom sync cables
– 4 Elinchrom 1200RX strobe units with arena reflectors
– 4 Manfrotto super clamps with posts for strobe mount
– 4 strobe safety cables
– 2 Apple MacBook Pros
– 1 G-Technology G-Dock EV
– 2 1TB G-Technology G-Drive EV
– 1 Netgear router
CF/SD card reader
XQD card reader
– 2  200ft Ethernet cable
– 750 ft custom sync line for strobes
– 1 bag of female add a taps
– 1 bag of male add a taps
– 2 rolls of permacel gaffers tape
Spare superclamps
– 1 Leatherman
– 1 power strip
– 4 packs of 175 pound test zip ties
– 1 electrical outlet tester
– 1 VersaFlex floor chair

When driving, everything packs into the following:
– 1 ThinkTank Urban Disguse50
– 1 ThinkTank Airport Intl roller
– 1 ThinkTank Urban Disguise 30
– 1 Kata Bug backpack
– 1 Kata small roller
– 2 Kata PL97 rollers
– 1 Nikon laptop case

When I am flying, it all moves to Pelican, Tenba Air and Kata cases.




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