#BTS Behind the Scenes Video | Ferrari California with Dupont Registry and AlreadyBeenChewed.tv – by Chris Garrison

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Photographer Chris Garrison shoots with some really cool lighting setups. This time he light painted a Ferrari. Check out his cool technique and video!

I originally shot cars when I was coming up as a photographer, and I have been wanting to shoot them more and more recently.  When approached to do a #BTS video about some of the commercial shots I was involved with last year I really wanted to show what I do with the Westcott Icelight.  Over the course of the project planning in grew into involving two of the best crews I could ever imagine working with!  The Dupont Registry has always been the dream magazine I look at as far as I can remember.  The crew at AlreadyBeenChewed.tv is the future of commercial photography as far as I am concerned!  With cooperation of both Dupont and AlreadyBeenChewed they have allowed me to create one of my favorite photos I have ever taken.

Continue reading and see more photos on Chris’s blog.

Ferrari California

Ferrari California

Ferrari California

Ferrari California

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