Monthly Archives: January 2014

Inside Russia’s Newsroom – by M. Scott Brauer

Russia's newsroom

Boston-based photographer M. Scott Brauer shares a series of photos on the Russian media at work.

LaCie XtremKey Review – by C.S. Muncy

LaCie XtremKey

NYC-based photographer C.S. Muncy reviews the LaCie XtremKey flash drive.

In My Bag: Basketball Edition – by Andrew Hancock

In My Bag

Indianapolis-based photographer and Nikon Ambassador Andrew Hancock shares the kit he uses for basketball remotes. Let’s just say he sure carries a lot of gear!

Street Portraits – by Jonathan Hanson

Street Portraits

Baltimore-based photographer Jonathan Hanson shares photos from his new street portrait series.

Made in America – by Luke Sharrett

Made in America

Louisville, KY-based photographer Luke Sharrett shares photos of different American businesses he’s shot for Bloomberg News.

Tenba Transport Air Case Attache Review – by Marko Georgiev

Tenba Air Case

Photographer Marko Georgiev reviews the Tenba Transport Air Case Attache.

Photo Brigade Podcast #31 with Vincent Laforet

Vincent Laforet

Robert follows up with his good friend Vincent Laforet, a Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist whose successful transition into the film industry has led him to his first big campaign with brands like Nike. Robert has a great chat about Vincent’s background while he heals from a severely broken arm as a result from a recent dune buggy accident in Dubai.

2013 Life Squares – by Elyse Butler Mallams


Honolulu-based photographer Elyse Butler Mallams shares some of her favorite shots taken in 2013 with Instagram.

Wildlife Photography – by Christian Naumann

Christian Naumann

German photographer Christian Naumann specializes in wildlife photography with his main subjects being animals in their natural habitats.

Shooting in the Yukon – by C.S. Muncy


NYC-based photographer C.S. Muncy traveled through the Yukon in Canada and gives tips for making Arctic trips.