How to Find a Model – by Adam Marelli

How to find a model

How to find a model by Adam Marelli. Model Lucie Pustova.

NYC-based photographer Adam Marelli shares tips on how to find a model and how to get their permission.

A Reader’s Question

Last week a Ed Mixon, a website regular, asked for some help.  He said that:

“I have had a terrible time getting someone to use for modeling. Seems everybody is afraid of something I don’t have any idea of….any advice?”

A special note to street photographers:  Street photography and shooting models do not typically overlap, though it is something I encourage everyone to do.  One is the art of candid, unplanned moments while the other is usually associated with the glossy pages of fashion magazines.  But when we consider how often people play an integral part in street photography, it makes sense to train with models.  Without the understanding of the individual parts of a street scene from people to architecture, the novice street photographer can only ever “hope” for a successful shot.  Its useful to look at how Cartier-Bresson divided his time between portraits and street scenes.  The portraits were a regular practice that allowed him to reach incredible heights with his street images.  My advice to all aspiring street photographers is to know your material…All of it, inside and out. 

My Response

Ed, first I would ask…why are they afraid?  Finding a model is like picking up a date, only much easier because unlike dating, you and the model only need to tolerate each other, not fall in love.  If their reaction to you is “fear” you might want to look at the approach.  Obviously from this end of the computer I can’t hear exactly what you are saying, but I have propositioned everyone from 5-85 years old for a picture and I can say that if they feel comfortable, you will get more yes’s than no’s.

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Klara Jozakova. © Adam Marelli


Lucie Pustova. © Adam Marelli

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