From the Ground Series: Edouard Elias – by Gerald Holubowicz

French photojournalist Gerald Holubowicz shares a video interview with Edouard Elias, a war photographer who is being held hostage in Syria since June.

From the Ground series – Edouard Elias from CHEWBAHAT on Vimeo.

It’s been more than two month now that Edouard Elias and his colleague Didier François have been abducted in Syria. A couple of weeks before, we made an interview with Edouard that was meant to be the first episode of a series about Haytham photographers.

Since june though, this video represents a little bit more than that for Chewbahat, me and Laura. This is our contribution to a broader effort, a commitment to help Edouard – and of course Didier – to come back by raising awareness on the difficult conditions to be a war photographer.

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Thanks to Visa Pour l’Image-Perpignan, Jean Francois Leroy and Delphine Lelu for publishing this video too.

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