6 Reasons To Consider Renting Photo Gear – by Lauren Margolis, PhotoShelter

Lauren Margolis from PhotoShelter shares some logical reasons for renting photo gear vs buying.

There are several instances where renting gear should be a no-brainer , and yet many photographers are reluctant to do so. Perhaps it’s because they think that buying a Canon 5D Mark III will help them shoot better and win more business. But the reality is that gear is rarely what makes a photographer successful. It’s more about being prepared – and renting often plays a role in your preparation for a shoot.

To learn more about reasons to rent, we turned to the experts at LensProToGo. True, the folks at LensProToGo make their business from renting gear. But they’re all professional shooters, too, and would rather steer you in the right direction than sell you something you don’t need.

Check out the video recording of our live webinar with Brian Tetrault, photographer and staff at LensProToGo. He discusses how to know when to rent vs. buy photo gear.

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