Kenysha Coulson, 4 Sport High School Athlete – by Randy Sartin

Kenysha Coulson

Knoxville, TN-based photographer Randy Sartin shot a 4-sport high school athlete for MaxPreps.

Last week I had the chance to travel to Huntsville, AL to photograph an athlete for MaxPreps. A high school football kicker. Say what? Oh yeah, SHE also plays 3 other sports…

Not only is Kenysha an AMAZING athlete, both her and Mom Kristi are some of the nicest people around. We about wore Kenysha out, it was a long shoot and she had to change uniforms a gazillion times :)

Michael came down with me from Knoxville to assist me and he wound up shooting a bunch of video, which of course I just had to play with a little bit. We also met our long lost friend Tammy in Huntsville and she did an amazing job shuffling gear around for us.

See a video and more photos on Randy’s blog.

Kenysha Coulson

Kenysha Coulson

Kenysha Coulson

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