Chaz Fest 2013 – by Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee

Chaz Fest

The Tin Men

Photographer Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee shares photos of the 2013 Chaz Fest in New Orleans.

Chaz Fest is a backyard barbecue expanded to a city block scale.  The fest goes down on the Truck Farm, a hideaway grove of shacks and shady trees just off of St. Claude Avenue in New Orleans’ Bywater neighborhood.  Washboard Chaz, Alex McMurray, and friends host a low-key, mid-week festival where visitors spend the day drinking cocktails, dodging eye-level branches, and singing along with local bands who represent varied genres.  Tucked away on a Wednesday, surrounded by neighborhood chatter and the warm blasts of a tuba, guided by colorful, hand-painted signs, Chaz Fest attendees get separated from the urban landscape and share in the more natural side of the city.

Text by Ryan Sparks.

See more photos on Ryan’s website.

Chaz Fest

Alex McMurray

Chaz Fest

To Be Continued Brass Band

Chaz Fest

Valparaiso Men’s Chorus

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