Quidditch World Cup VI – by Steven Barnhart

Quidditch World Cup

Orlando-based photographer Steven Barnhart shot he Quidditch World Cup in Kissimmee, FL.

Quidditch, the high flying sport of Harry Potter, has had a real world equivalent since 2005 when students at Middlebury College in Vermont figured out how to play a ground based version. Eventually they formed the International Quidditch Association, which held its World Cup on April 13 and 14 in Kissimmee, Fl.

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Quidditch World Cup

The quaffle can be passed in any way to get it between players. Whether by hand, foot, head or hip.

Quidditch World Cup

Central Florida’s seeker attempts to grab the snitch ball away from the snitch carrier to end the game against the University of South Carolina.

Quidditch World Cup

The Paris Phenix became minor celebrities due to their hard style of play and exotic flavor.

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