Pricing Your Work: Magazine Photography – by PhotoShelter

Pricing Your Work - Magazine Photography

Our friends over at PhotoShelter have started a new series of guides dedicated to helping photographers create estimates and fee structures for their work. The first in this series is “Pricing Your Work: Magazine Photography.”

Pricing Your Work: Magazine Photography is the first in a series of guides with tips to help photographers create estimates and fee structures for their work. Get insights from Wonderful Machine’s CEO Bill Cramer who outlines what a photographer should expect when determining pricing for magazine assignments. The guide also includes:

  • • The most common magazine shoot expenses
  • • FAQs, including if/how to charge clients for a rental fee, rush fee, or a cancellation
  • • An overview of the three basic types of magazine contracts, including the biggest win-win for photographers
  • • Online resources for pricing and negotiating with clients

Download the free guide on the PhotoShelter website.

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