Predator and Prey – by Jamey Price


Charlotte, NC-based photographer Jamey Price went hunting with hawks for a QC Exclusive assignment.

They come when they’re called. They have a nearly unbreakable emotional blond with their handlers that is developed over many years. They’re incredibly smart and extraordinarily athletic. They work in groups and are generally a varmint’s worst nightmare. And no, I’m not talking about your favorite feline or canine pet. I’m talking about birds of prey. Specifically hawks.

Recently, I joined QC Exclusive for an interesting hunt out at the Fork, in Norwood NC. This time, no shotguns. No dogs. Just a hawks of various breeds all handled by Chip, who is a professional falconer. From the getgo, we all underestimated the intelligence and ability of hawks. I’ve always thought they were cool, but have never been close enough to appreciate them for what they can do. Every square inch of their bodies are made for killing. And yes, we were actually hunting with these birds. Live quail, squirrel and pigeon. All species these hawks would naturally go after. We just told them when and where to hunt.

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