Intimacy v 3.1 – by Carlos Lopez


Rather than throwing away the outtake prints from his portrait series called Intimacy, Carlos Lopez decided to scratch designs onto the prints and created a new artsy series.

The following images are based on my series Intimacy. The drawings on them are indeed scratches and I did them because these prints did not come out as I had expected and I am not into throw prints to the garbage. I had this photos stored approximately two years since I print them because I knew I had to do something with them, but I did not know what.

Sometimes, you may have random ideas in your head but from there until make them reality may a take a while. Ideas and inspiration are just a small percentage of the creative process, the rest is real work, take the brushes a start to paint, grab the clay and start to shape it or take your camera and go out to take photographs and from there look at your work and redefine it. It is normal that you start with idea A and during the process it evolve to B and you may finish with C.

Continue reading and see more photos on Carlos’s blog.


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