“Manifestation Pour L’égalité” – a protest in support of marriage equality – by William Lounsbury

Manifestation Pour L’égalité

Paris-based photographer William Lounsbury shot a protest in support of marriage equality.

In response to a manifestation 2 weeks ago (see the post here) against new legislation in France which would allow same-sex mariage, between 125,000 and 400,000 people marched through Paris Sunday. The demonstration “Manifestation pour l’égalité” marched to the Bastille, waving rainbow flags and chanting calls for equality in mariage and adoption for same-sex couples.

Much like the march 2 weeks ago demonstrators marched peacefully to the sounds of pop music and with support both inside and outside the demonstration. Tuesday (tomorrow) debate begins in the National Assembly on the new law, which many believe is likely to pass.

See more photos on William’s blog.

Manifestation Pour L’égalité

Manifestation Pour L’égalité

Manifestation Pour L’égalité

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