Caleb J Spivak for The New York Times – by David Walter Banks

Caleb J Spivak
Atlanta-based photographer David Walter Banks photographed Caleb J. Spivak, 23, Director of Social Media at midtown Atlanta’s Atlantic Station community for The New York Times.

The New York Times estimated that this past Thanksgiving was perhaps the most documented holiday in history, period.  This was due large in part to the rise of Instagram to over 100 million users, securing photography’s essential place in the world of social media.  As an avid Instagram user myself, I find stories of this type to be more than just the typical study of trending in society, but a reshaping of society as a whole.  Whether it is for the better or worse, I suppose only time will tell.

For my piece of the story, I photographed Caleb J. Spivak, 23, Director of Social Media at midtown Atlanta’s Atlantic Station community.  Spivak, like many spent as much time tweeting to his 11,000 followers and posting images of prize dishes on Instagram as he did interacting with those he is with in person.  I photographed Spivak hard at work, and could easily see how he could be the model social media user, and one whose life is intricately tied to the various platforms.  What I was pleasantly surprised about however was Spivak’s ability to seamless switch back from the virtual world and act just as sociable and warm to those around him, including his boyfriend as I accompanied them for some last-minute Thanksgiving grocery shopping.

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Caleb J Spivak

Caleb J Spivak

Caleb J Spivak

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