Portrait Contest Winners 2012

We’re excited to announce the winners in our first portrait contest judged by Kendrick Brinson and David Walter Banks.

Winner: Tom Jamieson

• A one-year standard membership to PhotoShelter, valued at $329
• ONA “The Bowery” Camera Bag, valued at $119
• $100 gift certificate to AdoramaPix
Lensbaby Composer Pro and Sweet 35 Optic valued at $400

Tom Jamieson

“Hassan Hamzeh, 21 year old poet from Esfehan, Iran.” by Tom Jamieson. Hassan Hamzeh, 21 year old poet from Esfehan, Iran, is pictured here waiting for the dye he has put on his hair, eyebrows and moustache to take affect. He dyes them blonde in an effort not to conform in a country he feels represses all individuality. In 2009, Hassan was arrested for leading demonstrations against the government in protests that followed the disputed re-election of president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

As we culled through over 1,000 entries, we were excited about the passion, creativity and intimacy we saw in the entries. It didn’t take us long to narrow it down to our 53 favorites, but that’s when the real work came in. After much debate, it came down to our 12 finalists, and we would love to have been able to award each one. In the end, our winners were selected based not just on the merit of the photograph, but with emphasis on those that fit the call for entries, with weight specifically on the personal and intimate nature of the portraits.

The first place winner rose above the rest because the artist, Tom Jamieson, found a documentary moment of intimacy and meaning, and captured that moment beautifully. By one definition, a portrait captures an aspect of the essence of one’s character, and Jamieson did just that with his portrait of a young Iranian artist. He gave us a glimpse into the young man’s life and his daily struggle.

Our runner-up goes to Daniele Tito Calaco, not only for her wonderful use of light, but for her show of vulnerability that lends this self-portrait such an intimate feel. Calaco also shows us that a portrait does not have to have eye contact, or even show a face, but instead can convey the feel or emotive mood of the subject.

Runner-Up: Daniele Tito Calaco

Graph Paper Press Forever Plan Website, valued at $299
• Impossible Project Polaroid camera kit, valued at $180
• Think Tank Photo “Citywalker 20” camera bag, valued at $140

Daniele Tito Calaco

“Ela” by Daniele Tito Calaco. Self-portrait made in 2012. An intimate and melancholic look of myself.

People’s Choice (voted by social media): Pc Vieira

Photo Mechanic 5 Editing Software License, valued at $150
• Bay Photo 16×20 metal print

PC Vieria

“Together Forever” by Pc Vieira. True love is real.

Honorable Mentions:

Callan Kapush

“Weather” by Callan Kapush. There’s a storm coming.

Roman Mikryukov

“Inside” by Roman Mikryukov. Look inward or into a loved one – it’s the same.

Lilia Jaziri

“The other side” by Lilia Jaziri. Photographic collage.

Ruslan Bitsiev

“Maria” by Ruslan Bitsiev. Maria on the edge, strewn with flowers.

Vitali Frozen

“Havisham” by Vitali Frozen. Model: Kseniya Arhangelova

Kate Toluzakova

“Air” by Kate Toluzakova. My best friend. Pure air. Pink flowers. Grey sky.

Anna Vlah

“When I fall in love…” by Anna Vlah. www.annavlah.com

Philippe Schneider

“My Australian family in Law” by Philippe Schneider. I grew up in a working class family, with my mother, father and sister; a very typical size French family. In 2006, my wife, who is Australian, and I came to live in Australia. Naturally, I was introduced to my family in law. My first impressions were of a very relaxed, welcoming family, spontaneous and uninhibited. My wife’s sense of family is very different from my own family experience in France. My Australian family has accepted me and they are not afraid to speak what is on their mind and behave without pretense. There are stark contrasts between my uptight French family, where every word or movement should be pre-determined; here with my family in law I can simply let down my guard, and start to enjoy being part of their life in Australia. This series offers a French man’s view into the life of an Australian family; providing a refreshing insight into the intimate private space.

Thomás R P Oliveira

“Grace and power” by Thomás R P Oliveira. Red, grace and power…

Svetlana Ten

“Another morning” by Svetlana Ten. It’s another morning..

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