Working with the US Ski Team – by Mitchell Gunn

US Ski Team

Tim Jitloff (Jit) training on the race hill

Stratford, London-based photographer Mitchell Gunn is covering alpine ski racing for the US ski team.

For the past week I have had the good fortune to be working with the US Ski Team, as they trained at their winter base in Soelden. It’s been a fun time and one good thing is I now have much more confidence skiing with my camera gear on me. I first learnt to ski 20+ years ago on a weeks course with the British Army, which basically entailed me on planks going down black runs with a hangover, so my ski style has always been rather more Banzai than style and grace!! I think sometimes I am a frustrated downhill racer (for those not ski aficionados the really long dangerous races with jumps and tight turns) Now however having skied alongside Olympic gold medal winners and taking photos at the same time I can safely say…. My skiing is still crap but I am faster at being crap. Anyway back to working with the team. As Soelden is not only the opening race in the season it’s also the winter base for the US Ski Team, so there has been plenty of promotional work for the team to do. I have been covering the behind the scenes of these events, something quite new to me.For those of you that follow my life on social media, you will no doubt be aware of the day to day shoots and images I have produced but I will slap them on here as it’s shameless self publishing.

Continue reading and see more photos on Mitchell’s blog.

US Ski Team

A comparison shot of Ted Ligety (Shred) and Hannes Reichelt as they trained on the race hill

US Ski Team

New kid on the block Robby Kelley training in the “Ice Box” Robby will be getting his first world cup start this weekend, and I think he will be a bit of a star in the future.

US Ski Team

My favourite shot of the day when they trained on the hill, Austrian racer and future star, Marcel Mathis bails out at the top of a steep pitch.

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