Virginia Swing State Portraits – by Ryan Stone

Virginia Swing State

Roanoke, VA-based photographer Ryan Stone took portraits of voters in the swing state of Virginia prior to the presidential elections.

During the 2012 election it seemed like there were two trenches and each side was lobbing grenades at the other, assuming they were the enemy. I saw it in the “Defend Freedom” sign at gas station around the corner and the incredulousness of the some intellectuals at the opposition’s perceived stupidity.

I didn’t think it was that easy. I don’t believe the woman that cuts my hair, rambling on about the evil socialism of Obama, is a one-sided character. I believe she’s a person whose beliefs hold nuance. Being only 26 means I have really only consciously known two elections, and both seemed lacking in nuance. People were color-coded, either a red or a blue. But there is more to an election than that. There was some overlap that wasn’t being talked about.

By taking these pictures I wanted to see some of that nuance.

See more portraits on Ryan’s website.

Virginia Swing State

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