Need a Break from All Those Holiday Sales? – by PhotoShelter


Our friends over at PhotoShelter have released a few more videos from Luminance 2012.

Need a Break from All Those Holiday Sales?

We sure do. Luckily, over half of the videos from Luminance 2012 are now available online. This week’s videos feature the photographers themselves. Hear what Peter Yang, Barbara Davidson and Michael Muller have to say about the future of their industry.

These talks are truly chock full of insight, inspiration, and emotion. Plus, you’ll get to hear what they had to say off-stage in our exclusive intros to each video.

Peter Yang

Editorial and commercial photographer Peter Yang has photographed some of the biggest celebrities of our day: Donald Trump, Steven Colbert, Tracy Morgan, and Will Ferrell, to name a few. Peter takes us through how he brainstorms his portrait sessions, and why he believes that photographing someone eating a sandwich will always make for better picture.

Barbara Davidson

“Gang violence isn’t news – it happens all the time.” That’s what editors at The Los Angeles Times told photographer Barbara Davidson when she proposed the idea of documenting gangs in LA. Instead of giving up, Barbara was fueled to spend the next three years showing how deeply entrenched gang culture is in our society. She eventually received a seven-page spread in the LA Times and created a multimedia piece titled, “Caught In The Crossfire”.

Michael Muller

Michael Muller is responsible for shooting some the biggest names in Hollywood. But in this video, Michael also shares his stories from shooting a very different type of subject: great white sharks. He gets up close and personal with these wild animals using a newly patented underwater strobe system that’s said to be the most powerful waterproof lighting system in the world.

Learn more about Luminance here.

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