Montreal Fire caught on Time-Lapse – by Evan Kitaljevich

Montreal-based photographer Evan Kitaljevich captured an explosion and fire at a manufacturing plant outside Montreal while working on his first time-lapse video.

This was honestly my first attempt at making a time-lapse.
I downloaded/figured out LRtimelapse (the trial version) in the afternoon then went out around sunset to shoot.

I don’t have any fancy gear, just a D300 + Sigma 10-20 + GorillaPod.

Pan and zoom were added in post.

To anyone who wants to try this, my best advice is to use a really sturdy (possibly weighed down) tripod. I wish I had one, because shooting with a GorillaPod in a bit of wind made the camera shake between frames. I used the AE warp stabilizer to try and smooth it out, but it still looks a bit weird and wobbly :(

See more of Evan’s work here.

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