Jakub Markiewicz Arrested for Not Deleting Photos – by Simon Pollock, Think Tank Photo


So you have no doubt heard a lot about photographers being stopped and questioned for taking photographs? On the street, on public property, in shopping centres, on trains – there are so many examples of this happening, and in a lot of the cases it’s happening because the security personell / police in question don’t know the photographer’s rights…

This isn’t always the case, and in a lot of cases I personally think we could quickly resolve the situation by showing the police officer / security guard the photos and moving on…

This wasn’t the case when 16yo Jakub Markiewicz was stopped whilst shooting a man being arrested in the Metrotown shopping mall in Burnaby, B.C. He was asked to delete the images he took in the shopping centre which wasn’t possible as he was shooting film

metrotown takedown

© Jakub Markiewicz.

Jakub was cuffed and kept and then released without charge, but what captured our interest, was that the RCMP cut the young fella’s camera bag off him with a utility knife to search it… That’s not very nice, is it…

Enough with the injustice, we thought we’d help out this time.. Jakub now has a sweet new Shape Shifter camera bag to carry his gear. Here he is sporting the new bag. Hope you have better luck with this one, Jakub!

Jakub Markiewicz

Think Tank Shape Shifter

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