A Collection – by Ricky Rhodes


Cleveland, OH-based commercial photographer Ricky Rhodes shares his new series, “A Collection.”

This body of work is inspired by questions unanswered. My father passed away unexpectedly in July 2010. I moved back home to be with my family around this time. I had been endlessly rummaging through my father’s belongings looking for something. I couldn’t stop until I found what I wanted. I wanted answers, I wanted a note left behind. I searched & cleaned and dug through all of our families boxes & belongings. I frantically went through my father’s work bench looking for something, anything, a sign that my father had left behind for me to find.

This led me to find things that only had left me with more questions. I found a wire tap detector. I found another wire tap detector. “Dad, why do you have… wire tap detectors?”

This question can’t be answered. I had began to hold on to all of these found objects that related to my father. I had a list of questions that I needed the answers to, but I could never receive these answers. I knew this.

My initial inspiration of shooting a series of my father’s objects expanded into other found objects. I became obsessed with the found item, and continue to collect. Who owned this object? What was the particular use of the object? When was this object made? How long had the object been used?

The found objects in this series began to take on a life of their own. I don’t know where any of these objects originated, or any back story on them. It’s intriguing to think of the life that has been lived by these objects, where they have come from & where they are today.

See more photos on Ricky’s website.

Collection - Welding glasses

Collection - Argome Mic

Collection - Protractor

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