Postcards from England – by Jamey Price


The string. Guiting Power, Nigel Twiston-Davie’s yard.

Charlotte, NC-based sports photographer Jamey Price shares some beautiful photos from Guiting Power, England.

For those that know me well, and those that have followed my work long enough, know that horse racing is a sport deeply engrained in my blood. It’s a passion my family has shared for many decades and it was what originally brought me to England back in 2010 when I lived and worked as a steeplechase jockey and “lad” riding out at stables around England and Ireland.

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Caution: Horses. Guiting Power, Nigel Twiston-Davie’s yard.


A friendly face. Guiting Power, Nigel Twiston-Davie’s yard.


Charlie loving on one of her new favorites.

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