Luminance 2012 Speaker Videos – by PhotoShelter

Our friends over at PhotoShelter have released some speakers videos from their Luminance conference held last month in New York.

Kevin Connor

Has trust in photography declined in recent years? How do you assess photo manipulation and whether an image is “real” or not? Kevin Connor, President and Co-Founder of Fourandsix Technologies – which works to create software that can detect photo manipulation – discusses the dichotomy between photographers who constantly strive to shoot something novel that no one has ever seen before, and the suspicion that arises when we see a photo that we’ve never seen before.

Amy Dresser

According to Amy Dresser, photo retouchers are parasites in the photo industry – without photographers, people like her wouldn’t exist. Yet retouching has never been more prevalent, and we increasingly blur the line between photography and illustration. As a professional photo retoucher, Amy’s attitude is not to make any image perfect; keep the character, but remove what might be distracting.

David Burnett

New York-based photojournalist David Burnett almost needs no introduction. He’s been shooting film for over 50 years, and despite the widespread movement to digital, he continues lugging around his 4×5 camera worldwide to events like the Olympics. “It’s tough to be a film photographer in the digital age,” says David Burnett. “But it’s the look of film that’s stayed with me – there’s something almost nostalgic about it.”

Read more about Luminance on the PhotoShelter blog.

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