Compact Cameras: Leica X2, D-Lux 6 and V-Lux 4 – by David Farkas

Leica X2

A la carte X2

David Farkas over at Red Dot Forum gives his thoughts on the Leica X2, D-Lux 6 and V-Lux 4 from his visit to Photokina.

Leica is really firing on all cylinders this show. The new M is probably the biggest hit of the show. The S camera has some really solid updates and three new S lenses were introduced. But, these weren’t the only introductions from Leica. There is plenty of compact camera news, too. You, know, for when you don’t want to carry your full kit and just want something to take out to dinner with a group of friends.

Leica introduced the X2 back in May at their Das Wesentliche event in Berlin alongside the M Monochrom (see my full M Monochrom review). The camera was a significant update to the X1 and has been extremely well received (see my full X2 review). Personally, I use it as my everyday camera. All my photos of various Leica staff members were shot with the X2. Unfortunately, it doesn’t focus as close as I’d like sometimes, so I used a D-Lux 5 for all my product close-ups.

Obviously, with the camera just introduced a few months ago, the X2 isn’t due for any major updates. Instead, the X2 is getting some special style treatment for Photokina. First up is the Paul Smith Edition X2. Limited to 1500 pieces and designed by British fashion designer Paul Smith, this X2 is quite boldly styled. With an orange top plate, lime green bottom plate and British racing green leather in between, the look isn’t for everyone, but it is unmistakable for sure. Combined with a handsome tan leather half case, I’m sure this limited edition, being sold only through Leica Stores and Boutiques, will go very quickly.

Continue reading and see more photos on the Red Dot Forum website.

Paul Smith Edition Leica X2

Paul Smith Edition Leica X2

Leica X2 leather-options

Different leather options

Leica X2

Silver, titanium and black

Leica D-Lux 6

New 3″ 920K pixel LCD with virtual horizon and exposure info displayed

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