Leica M Announcement – by Adam Marelli

Leica M black

Leica M in black.

NYC-based photographer Adam Marelli reviews the new Leica M.

No one knew what to expect at Photokina. The internet was loaded with theories, promises, and predictions of the next installment to the Leica M. Now that the dust has settled and our hearts are finished racing lets have a look at the how the new lineup rounds out the digital rangefinder offerings from Solms.

What Changed at Leica

For most of its life as a company, Leica Camera could be described as a manufacturer of high quality lenses and film cameras.  Known around the world as one of the premier makers of rugged cameras, Leica built a reputation as being the “Professional’s Camera.”  This cult status, fostered by famous photographers like Henri Cartier-Bresson, Josef Koudelka, and more contemporary names like Alex Webb or Paolo Pelligrin helped Leica maintain its status as THE camera company.  The only problem is that Leica’s cult status has never been very profitable.

The company has changed hands a number of times and struggled to maintain relevance in the digital era. Up until the unexpected success of the Leica M9, the makers of our little red dots were in trouble. Because employees can’t be paid with cool points and street credibility. They prefer their paychecks in money, something Leica has always struggled with. One of Leica’s biggest successes is also one of its biggest failings. Really good equipment does not need to be replaced. Unlike Canon or Nikon that possesses a heard of enthusiasts, ready to upgrade at every announcement, Leica was plagued by lens lead times and a shortage of new products.

Read the full Leica M review on Adam’s blog.

Leica M black top

Leica M in black, top view.

Leica M black front

Leica M black front view.

Leica M black left

Leica M black left view.

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