Olympics Aug. 10 – by Mark J. Rebilas

Olympics Taekwondo

Sports photographer Mark J. Rebilas covered men’s and women’s taekwondo on one of the last days of the Olympics.

With two days left of shooting at the Olympics I was hopeful for some really cool assignments, like BMX or Womens Gymnastics. Instead I would get assigned for an up to 15 hour day at the Excel Center covering Taekwondo. I have never shot the sport nor do I know anything about it. But hey, before Olympics I told management I wanted to cover as many different sports as possible. Guess I should be careful what I ask for!

There were two Americans I was there to cover. First one would be Steven Lopez, a two time Olympic Gold Medalist. The other was first time Olympian Paige McPherson.

As long as they were in competition I would stay there.

First fight I needed to shoot would be Steven Lopez at 9:15am.

After a 7:15am wakeup I would catch the 8am media shuttle bus from Russell Square to the Excel Centre, about 30 minutes away by bus.

Since I had never shot the sport before I shot the first fight before his fight to get an idea for the sport.

The good parts were the nice dark backgrounds. By kneeling down a bit lower you could produce black backgrounds if you shot just a bit underexposed.

The bad parts where the blue and red helmets and vests they wore. Even worse I would soon find out is the referee was always getting in the way!

Continue reading and see more photos on Mark’s blog.

Olympics Taekwondo

Olympics Taekwondo

Olympics Taekwondo

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