Michigan’s Only State Fair, In Vivid Moments – by Adam Niemi

State Fair

Mount Pleasant, Michigan-based photographer Adam Niemi shares photos of the Upper Peninsula State Fair in Escanaba, MI.

The smell of deep fried dough and sugar wafts through the air with the slight breeze. A thunderous roar of machinery is followed with deathly screams. Upbeat organ music echoes eerily through the buildings, tents and campers. The sun feels warm on the skin.

They are some of the senses of the Upper Peninsula State Fair in Escanaba, Mich., where thousands of people come annually for the thrills, food and entertainment. It is considered Michigan’s only state fair.According to a WLUC TV-6 report, about 60,000 people attend the fair each year. Numbers for this year have not yet been finished.

“We’re beginning the process now of looking at things we can improve next year,” said Vicki Michaeu, director of Delta County Chamber of Commerce in Escanaba and organizer of the fair.

During the course of the fair, there were concerts, live animal births, thrills and spectacles. A team of trampoline acrobats bounced as high as 20 feet. Bands such as the Eli Young Band, Tesla and Thompson Square played before large crowds in the grandstand in the U.P. State Fairgrounds.

Continue reading and see more photos on Adam’s blog.

State Fair

State Fair

State Fair

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