Indiana Drought – by Chris Bergin

Indiana Drought

Indianapolis-based photographer Chris Bergin has been covering the drought in Indiana.

The biggest news around here this summer is the ongoing drought conditions Indiana is facing. I started covering the drought a couple of weeks ago for Reuters and then continued documenting it’s effects on the landscape here. Areas that were once covered in water have now turned into dry cracked mud, and plants, crops, and trees are suffering. Everywhere you look here you will see signs of the drought including water bans in effect as reservoirs dry up. Corn and soy crops are in danger and farmers are having a hard time, some abandoning their crop all together.

Experts are now saying it will take a tropical storm system to turn things around and that doesn’t seem likely anytime soon.

See more photos of the drought on Chris’s website.

Indiana Drought

Dry cracked mud during drought conditions at a park in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Indiana Drought

Low water levels take it’s toll on the Indiana corn crop indicated by the size of the corn in a field as water levels drop due to the current drought near Cicero, Indiana July 19, 2012.

Indiana Drought

A boat dock now rests in mud at Morse Reservoir as water levels drop due to the current drought near Cicero, Indiana July 19, 2012.


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