Documentary Photo Contest Winners

We’re excited to announce our winners in our first documentary photography contest judged by Robert Caplin and Matt Eich from Luceo Images. There were over 600 entries from all over the world. In addition to three top prizes for the First, Second, and Third place winners, there is also an award for viewers choice voted by social media.

Honorable Mentions represent photos that made us pause, laugh, or have a positive reaction to. These photos also deserve recognition.

Congrats to the winners!

1st Place Winner: Scott Brauer

• A standard one-year PhotoShelter Account
• $250 Adorama gift card
• Two tickets to Luminance 2012 in New York

Judges comments:

M. Scott Brauer’s image resonates for its elegant use of light and the juxtaposition with the grotesque forms of the dogs in the butcher shop.

Scott Brauer

“Dog Butcher” by Scott Brauer. Yangshuo, China. A woman butchers dogs at a wet market in the center of Yangshuo, China, a popular destination for tourists. With China’s increasing demand for meat over the past decade, and rising food prices, consumers have turned to cheaper sources of meat.


2nd Place Winner: Pranab Basak

• A Lensbaby Composer Pro with Sweet 35
• A Think Tank Retrospective® 5 Pinestone camera bag

Judges comments:

Pranab Basak’s photograph is full of surprises, capturing the essence of a moment while still drawing you back for further inspection.

Pranab Basak

“Journey for a Bath” by Pranab Basak. In a water decay place in India, Jharkhand. The tribal boys are jumping in a deep well to take a bath.


3rd Place Winner: Fidel Amos

• License to Camera Bits Photo Mechanic Software
Custom SLR lens mount/strap

Judges comments:

Fidel Amos’ image “Fearless” stands out for the humanity communicated with that single look between photographer and subject, as the subject prepares for surgery.

Fidel Amos

“Fearless” by Fidel Amos. Taken while on assignment with a group of pro-bono NYC surgeons in Dehradun, India last year. She was moments away from being anesthetized and operated on (to remove massive burn scarring around her neck and chest). She didn’t speak a word of english, but listened intently to every word said. She knew what was about to happen, but showed no signs of nervousness or fear. Her name is Anjeli.


Viewers Choice (Highest Voted): Aline Dainezzi

• A Forever Plan Website for Graph Paper Press

Aline Dainezzi

“Nap on the Streets” by Aline Dainezzi. This photo was taken in Sao Paulo, at night, and shows a situation experienced by many, unfortunately.


Honorable Mentions:

Marc Newton

“Sister Bad Habit” by Marc Newton. On busy Patton Avenue in Asheville North Carolina, “Sister Bad Habit” makes an appearance, surprising a tour bus full of visitors. “Sister Bad Habit” by Marc Newton. Sister Bad Habit is notorious in Asheville for turning heads in public as she cruises the cities’ streets on her (his) six foot high bicycle, shouting at whoever gets in her way.

Lance Rosenfield

“Coming of Age at Copacabana” by Lance Rosenfield. Young people celebrate love and coming of age along Rio de Janeiro’s famed Copacabana beach. March 6, 2011


“The Last Resident of the Village” by T-a L-o. Kenozero, 2010

Thomas Shea

“Christmas Grandpa” by Thomas Shea. Aj Guma tries to tune a play guitar for his great gran daughter Hannah Shea while her twin sister, Sarah Shea, places a bow on top of her great grandfathers, AJ Guma head.

Peter Larson

“Suck Ass” by Peter Larson. Carl Ziek dives naked off a bridge after one of his friends slings wet mud into his buttcrack in Athens County, OH.

Laurent Hunziker

“Train Station, Bangkok” by Laurent Hunziker. Waiting at Makkassan train station in Bangkok, Thailand.

Shane Welch

“Winter Storm” by Shane Welch. A man leaves his car behind after it runs out of gas after getting stuck in the snow during a blizzard that hit Chicago in February 2011.

Maxim Dondyuk

“Gennady, 49 years old. Diagnosis: MTB and HIV. Died December 23, 2010.” by Maxim Dondyuk. Gennady, 49 years old. Diagnosis: multidrug-resistant TB and HIV. Donetsk TB dispensary, December 23rd, 2010. From the words of his wife: He worked at the mine. In 2007 pulmonary tuberculosis was discovered. The treatment was prescribed, felt himself better. He didn’t finish the treatment and started to drink alcohol. In 2010, the acute abdominal pain appeared. The numerous ulcers have formed in the bowels, a diagnosis – intestinal tuberculosis. Doctors have demanded to transport the patient to a TB hospital or home immediately. He was transported by taxi. After another operation all the sutures on his stomach diverged because of multiple ulcers. The doctors told that he could probably live just a couple of days, the family decided to take the dying man home. He was walking around the apartment and brawling during the whole month with an open wound on his stomach. The wife had to beg doctors to take him to the hospital. Died December 23, 2010, this photo has been made two hours before his death.

Jessica Schroer-Smalley

“Divine Love is Everywhere” by Jessica Schroer-Smalley. I found the understanding in your eyes.

Jake Stewart

“Shifting Winds” by Jake Stewart. On day 4 of the Waldo Canyon fire near Colorado Springs the winds become strong and unpredictable. The result was half of the city being covered with smoke and ash and taking on the resemblance of mars. By the end of the day 35,000 people were displaced from theirs homes and several structures including the beloved Flying W Ranch were burned to the ground.

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