Private Instruction for DSLR Photographers – by David Bergman

Bon Jovi
For a limited time, New York based music and sports photographer David Bergman is offering 25% off all his one-on-one, private instruction packages.

David is Bon Jovi’s tour photographer and has shot 12 Sports Illustrated covers. It’s rare to have access to a successful, busy photographer like him, but he is now taking on a select number of new clients to help improve their photographic skills.

I’ve had the pleasure of training a number of new and experienced photographers over the years including celebrities Jon Bon Jovi and Drew Carey. I am now making these sessions accessible to everyone by accepting new clients for private, one-on-one workshops. They are designed so that I can personally help you make better picturesDavid has packages available for beginners new to DSLR photography all the way up to working pros who want to take their career to the next level.

Packages are 25% off through May 15th. More information is available on David’s website.


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