Camera Hang Low – by Danielle Elise Bartley & Adam Wolffbrandt

Danielle and AdamDanielle Elise Bartley is a fourth year WKU student from Louisville, Ky. Photography was her main interest when she entered WKU, but now she concentrates her energy on video. Her obsession with Beyoncé’s music videos contributes to her production style. Her obsession with Beyoncé inspires her rhyming skills and bootylicious beats. She is returning to Louisville to work on a personal piece.

Adam Wolffbrandt is a WKU photojournalism junior from Lexington, Ky. He is nowhere near as gangster as Danielle, but tries to keep up with his sweet dance moves. He will be starting an internship with the Lincoln Journal Star at the end of May.

Each year, a group of students produces a piece around 30 minutes long that we call EOY (End of the Year) for the graduating seniors and other photo students to show pictures and videos of each other from the past year. This year, we decided to make a music video spoof of “Chain Hang Low” by Young Jibbs into a rap about the program here at Western for the intro to EOY.

The rap was originally just the main chorus, but we ended up staying in the studio for hours coming up with the next verses laughing our heads off.

It was so much fun shooting a music video with some of our best friends. They were so easy to work with and the more we shot, the crazier it got. We could ask them to do weird things and they were totally cool with it.

We could say things like, “oh, I think it would be really funny if you acted like a tiger on that red couch,” and they gave us even more than we expected.

We’ve spent years learning all the skills of photojournalism through our classes, and we just found a chance to step back and use those skills for something completely ridiculous and fun with our friends. We both love doing what we do with photojournalism, but it was refreshing to try something new and different.

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