USC Women’s Rowing Practice – by Jonathan Moore

USC Rowing Practice
Los Angeles based photographer Jonathan Moore covered a USC women’s rowing practice session in San Pedro, California.
A couple months ago I was asked to cover a USC Women’s Rowing Practice session.  The team practices out of a boathouse right in the middle of LA Harbor in San Pedro, California, which made for a very nice backdrop!
The most important advice I was given during my internship at Getty Images is that the best photos always combine clean backgrounds, good composition and good light.  This is the mantra that I always repeat to myself when I’m shooting because it forces me to plan ahead and to think outside the box.  Rowing is a sport that particularly lends itself to this approach because, unlike sports such as baseball, football or basketball, which are often unpredictable and are usually captured from a “safer,” more standard angle, rowing is very repetitive.   Since I can predict where the subjects will be for pretty much the entire event, there is more time to experiment and to plan ahead.  I make the composition first, making sure whole background is in frame exactly how I like it and once the subject arrives in the right part of the frame, I fire the shutter.
I absolutely love this process because it enables photographers to create images that are unique to their vision.  While it is nice to have a photo of a wide receiver diving for that winning touchdown, if the thirty other photographers around you captured the same moment, it doesn’t really set you apart.  Editors expect you to capture images like this.  That said, following your vision and turning standard editorial photography into a creative process will always keep you inspired will impress your editors and/or clients!
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USC Rowing Practice
USC Rowing Practice
USC Rowing Practice

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