Shutter Sound: Canon 5D Mark III vs Leica M6 – by Stephen Voss

Canon 5D III - Leica M6

DC-based photographer Stephen Voss compares the shutter sound from a Leica M6 to the new Canon 5D Mark III.

I received my Canon 5D Mark III’s last Monday and have been shooting pretty much every day with them ever since (short review: AF finally works, thank goodness, and the hand grip is deeper, which is nice). In perusing the online reviews, I saw a mention of the Silent Shooting Mode. Having used this on the 5D Mark II, my impressions were that it was a pretty interesting idea, but badly implemented. Basically, on the Mark 2 the mirror would stay up as long as the shutter button was held down, making for an exceptionally long blackout time and having to consciously think about releasing the button every time you took a picture.

Read the full review and hear the shutter sound on Stephen’s blog.

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