Monthly Archives: March 2012

Food and Religion: Passover, For Atlanta Magazine – by Kendrick Brison


Last year Atlanta-based freelancer Kendrick Brinson photographed several religious ceremonies, including a Passover Seder, for Atlanta Magazine.

Confessions of a Veteran Spring Training Photographer – by Brad Mangin

Brad Mangin - Wired

San Francisco-based sports photographer Brad Mangin discusses the evolution of technology in his years of shooting MLB’s Spring Training in Arizona in this guest post for WIRED.

Jump Baby, Jump! – by Jamey Price

jump racing

Charlotte-based sports photographer Jamey Price shot the beginning of a new steeplechase season in the historic horse community of Aiken, S.C.

Maddie the Coonhound – by Theron Humphrey


Photographer Theron Humphrey is working on a photo project called “This Wild Idea” and traveling across the US with his dog Maddie, who is the star of his side project “Maddie the Coonhound: A Super Serious Project About Dogs and Physics”.

In My Bag – by Jared Wickerham

Jared Wickerham

In the third edition of our weekly “In My Bag” gear guide, Pittsburgh-based sports photographer Jared Wickerham shares the contents of his camera bag.

Faustino's Patagonian Retreat – by VICE

Far Out - Sutherland

Photographer Peter Sutherland and VICE recently traveled to the Chilean Patagonia to visit Faustino Barrientos, an 81-year-old gaucho who has been living on the shore of Lake O’Higgins since 1965.

Wedding at Pink Sands Beach – by Chip Litherland

Harbour Island Wedding

Sarasota-based editorial photojournalist and wedding photographer Chip Litherland traveled to Harbour Island in The Bahamas to shoot a wedding.

Things I Saw Today – by Alex Beker

Things I Saw Today

Miami-based photographer and graphic designer Alex Beker has put together a photo book of quirky images called Things I Saw Today.

The Breakfast Project – by Seth Lowe


Seth Lowe is a portrait and editorial photographer living in San Luis Obispo, California, and has been photographing his breakfast every day for the past two months.

My Freelancer First Birthday – by Jennifer Cecil

Jennifer Cecil

Jennifer Cecil is a freelance photographer and multimedia developer in Indianapolis and in this guest post she explains how she survived her first year as a freelancer.