Cross-Country Time-Lapse – by Amy Medina

Art director and photographer Amy Medina traveled across the country from Long Island to Seattle and back, and put together a cool time-lapse documenting her trip.

From Long Island to Seattle and the West Coast… and Back, in 16 days!

Well, my trip is now over and we had an AWESOME time… and I’ve finally gotten through all the photos so it’s time to share them. I’ve posted them by each day, with a little commentary, in folders that represent where we were along the way. Be sure to check out the maps too.

Trip Itinerary: Long Island to Seattle by Amtrak; Sunday evening to Wednesday Morning (July 17-20, 2011)
Visit Seattle, see Pacific Ocean and attend Photo Workshop (July 20-25, 2011)
Drive from Seattle to Chicago over six days, enjoying the sites along the way! (July 26-31, 2011)
Amtrak from Chicago to Long Island in the last 24 hours (July 31-August 1, 2011)

Also check out this other time-lapse she produced:

As someone who loves the beach – and from the East Coast – I cannot explain how amazing it felt to see the Pacific Ocean. I had an overall amazing cross-country trip, but the Pacific Ocean was a huge highlight for me.

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