Alcatraz BTS – by Vincent Laforet

LA-based cinematographer Vincent Laforet had an assignment on Alcatraz Island where he used some fancy new tools.

It’s important to remember that being a filmmaker or photographer is both a craft and a business.   We all need to make enough money so that we can not only pay our bills, pay our employees, re-invest in our business and gear, and hopefully have a little extra to put toward future personal projects.

The dark little secret is that some jobs we’d do for free… for me this was one of those!  (And no – I didn’t do it for free!)

I was contacted by the Boombox group based in Toronto – to go shoot some footage an upcoming TV event for Red Bull.  The location:   The Island of Alcatraz!    I’ve been fascinated by the island since I first visited it as a young teenager.   Al Capone – the attempted escapes – the birdman …  such incredible history!    The place is absolutely magical – and at times a little spooky.

Continue reading on Vincent’s blog.


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One Response to “Alcatraz BTS – by Vincent Laforet”

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