50mm on the 50 yard line – by Chip Litherland


Sarasota, FL-based freelancer Chip Litherland shows his skills with only a 50mm lens at a high school football game.

If there’s one thing I actually really miss about my newspaper job is that Friday night ritual of destroying my jeans one knee at a time, the battle of grainy photos shot on unreal ISO’s versus Noise Ninja, and cursing the roster for not having that one player with the number you need.

Ahhh, high school football.

I popped out to this game tonight at Booker High as a visual vacation from staring at my screen all day today.  I needed it.  I’ve had a ton of shoots lately, but with that, a ton of computer time with my mistress, Miss Lightroom.  I grabbed a 50mm and headed out.  Yes, a 50mm.

I don’t know why I never did this at the paper more, but running around the sidelines with a 50mm was a very welcome break from tradition – even though its about as traditional a lens as you get.

See more photos on Chip’s blog.



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