Sarah Ivens for Marie Claire – by Melissa Golden

DC-based freelancer Melissa Golden recently photographed a story for Marie Claire about a woman who had to give up her pregnancy in Louisville, KY.

Marie Claire called me up last October to go to Kentucky to photograph Sarah Ivens, who had experienced the trauma of having to give up her pregnancy.  It’s tragic enough when a woman is told her fetus is not viable, especially when that woman has tried desperately to get pregnant in the first place, but Mrs. Ivens’ story doesn’t end there.  While going through the agony of an unwanted abortion, this British ex-pat living in Louisville, KY was told that she was going to Hell.  You can read her first person account here.

I photographed Sarah and her husband at their home in Louisville.  They are a particularly beautiful couple, but it was obvious that they were still very hurt by the situation.

I spent the rest of my time in town shooting abortion clinics, pro-life centers and baby cemeteries to provide context and a sense of place.

See more photos on Melissa’s blog.

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