Monthly Archives: July 2011

Sarah Ivens for Marie Claire – by Melissa Golden


DC-based freelancer Melissa Golden recently photographed a story for Marie Claire about a woman who had to give up her pregnancy in Louisville, KY.

Ms Universe-China – by Keith Bedford


Beijing-based photographer Keith Bedford shares some photos from the Chinese Miss Universe training camp.

In Praise of the Umbrella – by Alfie Goodrich


Tokyo-based photographer Alfie Goodrich has a photographic obsession with umbrellas.

Marketing Yourself With Photo Books – by PhotoShelter


PhotoShelter is launching a free guide on how to market yourself with photo books.

Thrills in the Sky – by Guy Rhodes


East Chicago, Indiana-based photographer, videographer, and lighting technician Guy Rhodes photographed the US Army Golden Knights Parachute Team at the Gary South Shore Air Show.

New Hampshire Presidential Campaign Trail – by M. Scott Brauer


Boston-based freelancer M. Scott Brauer is following the 2010 presidential campaign in New Hampshire.

RETV Summer Rooftop


RETV is collaborating with Vimeo and having a rooftop screening of short films in NYC. BYOB!

Casey’s Circus – by Chip Litherland


Sarasota-based freelancer Chip Litherland photographed the protestors and media circus around the sentencing day of the Casey Anthony trial in Florida.

Zombie Shootout for Outdoor Life – by Stephen Maturen


Minneapolis-based freelancer Stephen Maturen photographed the 4th annual Outbreak Omega zombie shoot in southern Minnesota.

Overfishing on Lake Victoria – by Daniella Zalcman


Photographer Daniella Zalcman is currently in Uganda and recently shot a story on overfishing in Lake Victoria.