Something Scary on the Salt Flats – by Tristan Wheelock

Freelancer Tristan Wheelock has been traveling across country in an Airstream and recently came across a strange abandonment outside of Salt Lake City.

A little more than a week ago we were driving next to the Great Salt Lake outside of Salt Lake City Utah and were literally stopped in our tracks by a strange and spooky abandonment out in the middle of nowhere.

See more photos on Tristan’s blog.

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One Response to “Something Scary on the Salt Flats – by Tristan Wheelock”

  1. Tristan,

    You have unwittingly found one of Utah’s great photographic cliche’s. The building has been nicknamed the ‘Temple of the Birds’, but originally was an electricity sub-station that is a favorite for local taggers and ‘up and coming’ photographers. The other object is one of the last remaining trolley or train cars that ran from downtown Salt Lake City out west to several different bathing resorts on the beaches of Great Salt Lake. The trolley car is a staple for local bridal photographers with nary a day going by that someone isn’t out there trying to make ‘art’.

    I have many students who come to class with photographs of these two structures thinking that they are bringing me something new. They are in utter disbelief when I tell them that they are part of a long string of locals that are striving to be ‘creative’ and ‘artistic’ (both are words which I don’t allow to be spoken in my classrooms).

    But…as an outsider traveling through, you have experienced a truly local photo ‘hot-spot’ and have fallen and succumbed to it’s charms. There is something special about this place, the problem is it is one of the easily accessible ‘special places’ on the lake. That’s probably why no one ever dares go much further than this location in their exploration of the lake.

    I hope you had an enjoyable visit to Utah! Come back any time!

    Michael Slade