All Thrifty States – by Jenna Isaacson Pfueller

DC-based freelancer Jenna Isaacson is working on a photo project that aims to visit thrift stores all over the United States.

The “All Thrifty States: Documenting what America Throws Out” photo project aims to visit thrift stores in all 50 states, documenting the scenes and objects found along the way. The mission will be to explore the experience through two lenses– a socialogical standpoint and a visual one.

By sociologically, we mean– if you only visited a thrift store in each state and no where else, what would you deduce about that region? Is it old? Is it young? Is it rich? Is it poor? Is it playful? Is it religious? Is it diverse? The things we clear our lives of make their way onto those shelves, and it becomes a picture of the community that surrounds it.

By visually, we mean it will be thoroughly photographed and documented. From unique scenes, people, objects and visions of thrift stores, both abstract and literal, that tell the story of Americans.

The goal is to create a fun, tangible, TRAVELING platform to inform people about the things they throw out, what it says about us.

Learn more about Jenna’s project here.

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