Monthly Archives: November 2010

Khalid Latif – by Bryan Derballa


New York City-based freelancer Bryan Derballa photographed the Muslim chaplain of both NYU and the NYPD.

Stripped – by Alicia Vera


San Francisco based freelance photographer Alicia Vera has been documenting the exotic dancers at the Roaring 20’s.

Nike Spec – by Meron Menghistab


NYC-based freelancer Meron Menghistab recently photographed a spec-ad for Nike with design by Matt Fanelli.

Deadmau5 – by Phil Ejercito


Madison-based freelancer Phil Ejercito recently photographed electronic act Deadmau5 in concert.

World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party – by Tristan Wheelock


Road-based freelance photographer Tristan Wheelock photographed RV City before the Florida vs. Georgia football game in Jacksonville, Florida.

Eurydice in Hades – by Alma Muminovic


Ledgewood, NJ-based freelance photographer Alma Muminovic has been working on a series called Eurydice in Hades, a fictional narrative of her day to day thoughts.

Tanta Mawlid – by David Degner


Cairo-based freelance photographer David Degner recently photographed a story in the nile delta on Sufi religious moulids.

Origins of Life Multimedia – by Amanda Lucidon


D.C.-based freelancer Amanda Lucidon recently photographed four scientists who study the origins of life for an article in the October issue of the Smithsonian Magazine.