Monthly Archives: October 2010

Live Music – by Nate Watters


Seattle-based freelancer Nate Watters has been focusing on photographing live music for the last six years.

Fashion Portfolio – by Kyle Makrauer


Rochester, NY-based freelance photographer and RIT senior Kyle Makrauer has been building his fashion portfolio after changing majors from fine art.

Krumping – by Brett Gundlock


Toronto-based photographer Brett Gundlock spent time documenting a group of Krump dancers in Toronto that he found via social networking.

Steeplechase Racing – by Jamey Price


Kentucky-based freelance photographer Jamey Price recently photographed the origins of steeplechase horse racing at a point to point in Ireland.

Latin America – by Jan Sochor


Jon Sochor splits his time between Latin America and Europe and has been focusing on documentary projects that try to show Latin America, its everyday life, social, political and cultural issues.

NHRA takes over Indianapolis for the Big Go – by Mark Rebilas


Phoenix-based freelance sports photographer Mark J. Rebilas recently shot portraits and action at the NHRA U.S. Nationals.