Monthly Archives: August 2010

Lollapalooza – by Matthew Taplinger


Brooklyn-based freelancer Matthew Taplinger recently photographed Lollapalooza in Chicago.

Islamic Center of Murfreesboro – by Doug Strickland


Chattanooga, Tennessee based freelancer Doug Strickland photographed an Islamic Center that has been receiving controversy similar to that over the planned center near Ground Zero.

Air Guitar Championships – by Eric Ryan Anderson


Brooklyn-based freelance photographer Eric Ryan Anderson photographed the US Air Guitar National Championships.

Bieber Fever – by Robert Caplin


Manhattan-based freelance photographer Robert Caplin is working on a behind-the-scenes photo book of teen pop sensation Justin Bieber.

On the Political Road – by Luke Sharrett


Luke Sharrett just finished his last full month interning for The New York Times in Washington D.C.

Sweat: Making the Water A Comfort Zone – by Keith Bedford


New York City-based freelance photographer Keith Bedford recently photographed a swim class for juvenile offenders. Keith just relocated back to the United States from New Delhi, India.

Freedom of Flight – by Guy Rhodes


East Chicago, Indiana-based photographer, videographer, and lighting technician Guy Rhodes photographed the Gary South Shore Air Show in Gary, Indiana.