Monthly Archives: June 2010

Juniors Apparel – by Nicholas Duers


New York City-based freelancer Nicholas Duers recently shot a series of test images of childrens soft-goods.

Colorado’s Amish Population – by Nathan Armes


Denver-based freelancer Nathan Armes got the call from LA Times to photograph Colorado’s Amish population.

Mermaid Parade Portraits – by Gerald Holubowicz

mermaid parade

New York City-based freelancer Gerald Holubowicz photographed the 2010 Mermaid Parade at Coney Island.

NBA Finals: Behind the Scenes – by Bret Hartman


LA-based freelancer Bret Hartman photographed behind the scenes of the NBA Finals during Game six and seven of the series.

Think Tank Retrospective 10 Review – by Photo Brigade

Think Tank

Once again our sponsors at Think Tank Photo have hooked three regional Photo Brigade Editors up with one of their bags and let us have at it!

Ecuador – by Chris Lake


Chicago-based freelancer Chris Lake recently returned from a trip to Ecuador.

Living With AIDS During the Recession – by John Schreiber


John Schreiber, MU masters candidate, photographed a story about a gay couple’s struggle to survive while living with AIDS during the recession.

Living With the Dead: Manila’s North Cemetery – by Chance Multimedia


Denver-based freelance multimedia team James and Jessica Chance spent five weeks documenting a cemetery in the Philippines.

Oswiecim, Poland – by Danny Ghitis


Krakow based freelancer Danny Ghitis has been photographing Oswiecim, Poland- better known by its German name, Auschwitz- out the window.

‘Expression’ Issue, Soul of Athens – by Ohio University


Last week, Ohio University’s school of Visual Communication and its students launched their annual spring project, Soul of Athens. The project is a collaborative effort, from all four sequences of study within the school, to tell the stories of the Athens community. This year’s themes are Thrive, Passage, Shelter, and Expression.